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Anahata Yoga

Anahata Yoga


Product Description

The Anahata Chakra is the fourth primary Chakra located at the heart centre and represents love, compassion, charity, humor and courage. Anahata enables an individual to follow one’s own heart and to make decisions outside the realm of karma.

Our Anahata Yoga Instructors are from great yoga lineage dedicated to the practice, research and teaching of Yoga. To them, Yoga is beyond what they do for a living, it is a way of life. Yoga Instructors at Anahata Yoga are all extremely qualified with deep knowledge of Yoga as well as immense teaching experience which you can trust. Unlike most yoga centers today, Anahata Yoga offers personal attention to its members in a modern and luxurious surrounding. Beyond offering yoga as an alternative to exercise, Anahata Yoga offers a complete Yoga Therapy Series from the Andiappan Yoga Tradition which is new to Hong Kong. These tailor made programs are designed to meet the specific needs of its members.


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