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Dickson Yoga (Tsim Sha Tsui)

Dickson Yoga (Tsim Sha Tsui)


Product Description

Dickson Yoga – Extraordinary Yoga

It is a unique and original discipline of yoga blending the best of a diverse of yoga disciplines, sports science and kung fu. The feel of it and the effects are amazing! Its first in the market Theme yoga series provides you with a wide array of classes suiting your different needs. Exciting themes include 32°C Hot Yoga, Full Body Sculpting Yoga, City Ailment Therapy Yoga, Relax & Recharge Yoga, Meridian Therapy Yoga, Super-stretch Yoga, Kick-boxing Yoga and more…… Classes are fun and effective. All is designed by the renowned Master Dickson Lau and taught by Master Dickson and his team of experienced instructors.

Leading you to Extraordinary Results

Feel the “qi” of yoga and experience total rejuvenation inside out – Dickson Yoga is best for a full experience of the “qi” of yoga. When stretched or twisted to the limit during in-depth practice of certain yoga pose, the practitioner will experience pain or numbness, so that when he relaxed his body, he experiences “qi”, which is a surge of heat in the affected areas. This is the result of sudden increased blood circulation to the targeted area. It is good because with no extra burden on the heart, circulation is improved, ensuring a rich supply of nutrients and oxygen to different parts of the body.

Beyond standard yoga, it’s creative & full of variety

Some yoga styles or yoga classes are pretty boring, because they repeatedly practice the same series of poses with no alterations. Dickson yoga is not like that. It’s fun and full of variety. Every class is unique and has a different arrangement. To Dickson, standard yoga, dancing, tai qi, kickboxing & kung fu techniques can be combined to bring variety and maximize effects. The combinations are endless, the instructor can make it a high power class or a soothingly relaxing one. An experienced master knows how to bring alterations to standard yoga poses, you never know what’s awaiting you, giving you a new sensation & a yet stronger feel every time.

Partner poses + Props bring maximum effects

Dickson Yoga is also unique for its creative use of props to achieve quick and strong results. A brick and a string – for beginners they can be tools to help you finish the pose, for the experienced, they can be auxiliaries to further the stretch and to heighten the yoga feel. Dickson Yoga is also famous for its specially designed partner or group poses. Sometimes just doing it by yourself is not enough. With the help of partner, you bend a little lower, stretch or twist a little bit more. You experience marked improvement in flexibility and maximum effects from each pose. With a push from your partner, you naturally will commit more for each pose, and before you notice it, you have gone beyond your old limits.

In love with pain!

Dickson Yoga encourages you to stretch to your limits. Yes, this may bring immense pain. But you will learn how to relax when in pain. If you can do it, this will prompt the brain to release endorphins, which gives you pleasure. So it’s a strange experience of a blend of pleasure and pain, which relaxes your mind and calms your emotions. Very soon you will love this experience, especially when you found your flexibility improved in amazing speed.

Dickson Yoga leads you to an exhilarating experience of physical and mental rejuvenation. 
Try it out and taste the difference!


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