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How to Choose a Yoga Program?

How to Choose a Yoga Program?


If you are thinking about starting a yoga journey, then something must have happened to initialize this idea. You may want a healthier body, a better body shape or flexibility, or spiritual meditation, etc. No matter what your reason is, yoga is definitely a good choice. Before starting your journey, please read this article, it will guide you to the most important points of choosing the best yoga class for you.

1. Yoga Genre

Common yoga classes include: Hatha Yoga, Hot Yoga, Power Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Flow Yoga and Yin Yoga. Choose the type of yoga that suits you best. For detailed information of each genre, refer to our article on them.

2. Course selection method

2.1 How many classes do you want to attend each week?

People always overestimate their ability to participate when buying courses, especially when there are discounts for buying multiple courses

Avoid purchasing more than the number of courses you can take based on the discount they offer you. Otherwise, they may end up unused or cause you stress and adversely affect your physical and mental relaxation exercises.

Before you pay for the yoga class, we are here to provide you with some suggestions. Please always discount the number of courses you want, e.g. 1/3. This means that if you want to buy 12 lessons per month because you think you can take 3 lessons per week, then 12 x 2/3 = 8 lessons may be the most you can take without unnecessary stress.

2.2 How much is a reasonable class?

Similar to other sports, yoga postures must be guided by a professional yoga teacher. There are many kinds of yoga, such as aerial yoga, flying yoga, prenatal yoga, hot yoga and so on. But how many yoga teachers do we need to hire?

Actual cost of yoga class

According to statistics, the fees for group yoga classes and one-on-one yoga classes are different. Hiring a private yoga teacher costs US$300 to US$600 an hour, generally US$450. For group yoga classes, it costs approximately US$90 to US$300 per hour. Generally speaking, it costs $195 per hour. Some yoga classes will provide trial lessons, package discounts, and long-term membership discounts to save costs.

The actual cost varies depending on the venue, type of yoga, and qualifications of the yoga teacher. Special types of yoga, such as prenatal yoga, flying yoga, hot yoga, etc., will cost slightly more than other yoga courses. They charge between US$150 and US$350 per lesson.

Yoga class service content

Yoga classes usually last 1 hour. Most of the yoga courses on the market are introductory courses. Advanced yoga classes are organized by experienced yoga teachers.

Most yoga classes will start with stretching and balancing the body. Yoga teachers will specifically design classroom content, such as breathing exercises, cardio training, core training and full body strength training. At the end of the course, the yoga teacher will lead the students to end the course with Savasana, lying on their backs, arms slightly away from the body, palms facing up, and gently bending the fingers.

Additional fees for yoga classes

If you hire a private yoga teacher, you may have to pay additional rent for the yoga studio. Depending on the space of the venue, the hourly rate ranges from US$100 to US$300. The price of a yoga mat is about $60 to $600, depending on the brand and texture of the mat.

3. What type of course should I take?

Those who attend a lot of classes are most suitable for the annual card, quarter card, monthly card and other projects in the yoga studio. As long as you are free, you can take any group course. It is not impossible to stay in a yoga studio from morning to night. As long as you can insist on reporting every day, each class may only be counted as a few dozen dollars. Suitable for students with time and budget. The biggest advantage of the long card is that you can experience the teaching styles of different teachers, and a student can get double gains under the guidance of different teachers.

If there are only one or two days of classes a week, and you often need to work overtime or travel on business, then a personal studio with small class teaching is more suitable for you with a packed schedule. Usually this kind of classroom can buy a secondary card. Pressure-free contract binding should be the most attractive place. For busy people, another advantage of small class teaching is that the teacher will give more practice suggestions. These methods can be used to practice at home after class. There is no way to concentrate on class, but you can still make continuous progress.

4. How to choose a yoga teacher that suits you?

Finding the right yoga teacher is like finding a partner. You need to look more to find the feeling you like. Maybe after the next class, you can ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is the adjustment given to me by the teacher based on language or physical contact to adjust my gestures? Do I like this adjustment method?
  • Does the teacher consider my physical limits when strengthening gestures? Can I trust the teacher’s judgment?
  • Will the teacher take care of most of the students? Or only the three in the front row?
  • Do I like the teacher’s voice, guidance and arrangement logic?
  • If I want to come to this class again, will I look forward to it?

When you have made up your mind, or if you need some inspiration check out our extensive collection of yoga classes in Hong Kong!

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