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Nila means “dark blue” in Sanskrit and “the moon” in Tamil. A boutique studio located in Sai Ying Pun. On the 3rd floor of a walk up building, just 1 minute away from MTR station.




  • Yoga Conditioning

    Yoga conditioning, the yogi HIIT class. This class focuses on improving common muscle imbalances to support good postures and prevent injuries. It consists of breath-centric and repetitive movements so participants can experience strength, resilience and mindfulness all together in a practice.Suitable for any level with options to adjust the intensity.

  • Vinyasa Flow

    A dynamic flow practice. Poses are generally held for short periods of time, involves synchronizing the breath to flow from one pose to the next.

  • Yoga Therapy

    A healing practice that uses yoga movements and components to relieve stress and rehabilitate our bodies from common pain and injuries. It combines stretching and strengthening movements to keep our musculoskeletal system balance. Some pranayama and meditation may also be included as healing tools in a mental level. Suitable for all levels, especially participants who just recover from injury and seek for body healing.

  • Hatha Yoga

    Included both asana (yoga postures) and pranayama (breathing exercises) practice. Which helps increasing flexibility, muscle tone and strength. At the same time bringing peace and self awareness to the mind and body. Suitable for all levels.

  • Hatha Yoga 2

    A full practice with intermediate postures and sequences. Combines power and flexibility at the same time. Included both asana (yoga postures) and pranayama (breathing exercises) practice.

  • Core Power

    Having a solid core creates a foundation for all activities. This class focuses on strengthening the midsection muscle group. Helps to build a strong and stable centre to improve the internal support and overall health. Suitable for intermediate yoga practitioners with a consistent practice.

  • Feel Good Yoga

    This is a flow base class, starting and ending with short meditation. Focus on positive mind and also asana practice. A class to make you feel good and more balanced.

  • Relaxing Stretch

    This class focus on calming your entire body and mind. Postures will be held for longer and practice with props such as blocks, bolsters and straps. Allowing the body to stretch deeply, and helps getting rid of stiffness and aches from the body. Suitable for all level and beginners.

  • Yoga Wheel Stretch

    This a slow and gentle class, focus on improving flexibility and releasing tension in hard access areas. Combine the use of yoga wheel will give you the confidence to hold longer and stretch deeper with support. Suitable for everyone.

  • Gentle Flow

    A slow moving flow practice. Students coordinate movement with breath to flow from one pose to the next, create a perfect mind and body connection. Suitable for all levels and beginners.


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