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Sitpinyo is the newest Muay Thai gym studio to open in Hong Kong for both male and female students of all levels from beginner to advanced.As a newcomer, you’ll be made to feel welcome.You’ll start by learning the basic techniques and working on the bags and pads. Also you’ll also be doing countless push-ups, sit-ups, squat thrusts, and various other boot camp style body weight exercises designed to get you fit and toned in no time!

If you already have a good level of fitness and Muay Thai then we can help you improve your skills and techniques whilst making sure you have a great workout every session!



Muay Thai Boxing

  • Personal training

    Personal training is tailored specifically to your individual needs, meaning you will improve at an accelerated rate. The intensity of the training plus the one-to-one supervision means technique can be refined and mistakes corrected straight away. Not just Muay Thai……we also specialize in bootcamp, functional fitness and circuit style training. If you are simply training for weight loss, toning or fitness then one to one training will help you progress much faster. The workout will be challenging whilst being specifically targeted for your fitness level. Variation and intensity are key so every session you do will be different, meaning faster results as you won’t plateau from doing the same thing every time. Whatever your specific goals, needs or objectives, we can work together with you to help you achieve them. *Clients are required to pre-book their personal training sessions in advance*

  • Group Classes

    Sitpinyo run 5 group classes a day during week days and 2 classes on a Saturday. Each lunchtime class has a max capacity of 4 people and the evening classes have a maximum of 6. Lunchtime sessions are 45 minutes and evening sessions are 1 hour in duration. (Lunchtime classes are at a reduced rate) One of the main complaints people often have with other gyms is that their classes are too crowded. At Sitpinyo we limit the numbers per class so you will receive far more individual attention from the trainers and there will always be enough space and equipment for everyone to have a good session. When participating in our group training each student is constantly being offered tips and advice throughout the session and will get one on one instruction when doing pad work with the trainer. The sessions include a mix of pad work, bag work drills and functional circuit conditioning exercises. ***As classes are limited to small numbers all clients must pre-book for group classes***


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