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Physical is one of the most famous brands in Hong Kong China. In 1986 Physical opened its first fitness centre in Hong Kong China, and now Physical has 95 branches including centres in Hong Kong China and the Mainland China. These branches account for a total area of over 1,800,000 square feet and serve more than 1,500,000 customers. Such unprecedented business scale, development and investment make Physical one of the fastest-growing health and beauty brands in the region.




  • Yoga Wheel Stretch

    Series of postures enhanced by using yoga wheel. Leads the body getting deeper and more open.

  • Stretch


  • Yin Yoga

    Basic level: Gentle, relaxing yoga

  • Dharma Yoga

    Graceful for all levels, students are encouraged to go deeper and experience in a meditative way

  • Yoga Therapy

    Basic level: Focuses on the therapeutic advantages of Yoga postures

Body Training

  • Toning Exe

    Exercise move with different equipment to achieve toning result

  • AeroX

    Simple & rhythmic dance movement with steps & music that can enhance cardiopulmonary function, strengthen body coordination and maximize the fat burning effect.


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