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We’re a premier fitness space offering an elite, curated experience that delivers on its promise: results, support, camaraderie, community, and fun.

Located in Central, our gym and specialised group training is proven to help make you stronger, faster and fitter than you ever thought possible. That’s the truth! Our experienced personal trainers focus on the fundamentals of fitness through Circuit Training, HIIT, Pilates, Abs Workout, TRX, Personal Training, and so much more. Each of our fitness classes at our Central gym focus on a different aspect of your health, training a wide range of muscles and getting your fitness to a level where you can feel proud. Let us find your personalised fitness program to make those results happen.




  • Absfocus

    Absolute Focus is a Pilates-inspired training class that focuses on the abs. Tired of going through never-ending rounds of crunches at the gym to no avail? Want to get perfect abs before that holiday to the beach? Men and women often long for perfect, shapely abs over their beer bellies and post pregnancy flabs. As things stand, balancing a rewarding career and family at home is no easy feat; as it often leaves little space to catch a breather.

  • Bodyu Sculpt - Abs Focus & Beyond

    This is an elevated version of Absfocus. Your core burns but better. It’s a full body exercise that still targets the core. With the use of equipment, weights, sliders, resistance bands, it’s a mobility and core focus class to the music beat. Great for sculpting and toning your overall physique.

Barre Fit

  • Barre Fit - Ring Fit (Intermediate)

    This class will take you through all your favourite barre and Pilates exercises, with the added intensity of the Pilates ring. Squeezing on the ring uses the principle of iso-tension to engage many more muscle groups. Get results fast with these challenging, total body routines! This total body Pilates ring workout will hit all your major muscle groups on the mat and standing at the barre. You will move from upper body to abs, then calves, thighs and seat. This one will definitely leave you sore the next day!

  • Barre Fit - Cardio Advance

    Barre Fit Cardio Advance is a ballet-inspired full-body workout that aims to boost flexibility whilst simultaneously creating long and lean muscles. Set to the rhythm of upbeat music. Similar to Barre Fit, this class has a lot more cardio workout, so be prepared to sweat.


  • Circuit Training

    Circuit fitness training programs and workouts are a form of high intensity fitness regime whereby multiple fitness activities are combined into one large routine (circuit), performed with short time-intervals. After the circuit is completed, a short rebreathing break occurs in preparation for the next circuit. Multiple circuit workouts will be included within a training session. This is a highly structured, timed, and well organised fitness activity. Circuit training workouts offer the flexibility of mixing things up – you’ll never be tied down to a single exercise routine again. The exercises are targeted to work a specific area like your arms, glutes, legs, core and back. From your upper body to your legs and your core, you’ll definitely feel the burn that comes with fast-paced circuit training.

  • HIIT Training

    HIIT is a group class run by TOPFIT’s coaching team. With a maximum of only six people per class, our trainers are making sure you’re keeping up with the pace in a close-knit environment. In a smaller class like this, our trainers will also be able to offer a more personal approach and targeted advice specific to you.

  • Pilates Allegro

    Pilates is the perfect exercise for those that want to strengthen core muscles without bulking, improve flexibility, and correct poor posture. Having gained global recognition, Pilates classes are now becoming more popular in gyms and fitness spaces like TOPFIT across Hong Kong. We offer a range of Pilates classes for all. Whether you are a beginner and completely new to Pilates or are experienced with the exercise, we welcome you to join our sessions at our fitness space in Central. Each multi-level class will work on your body's form and alignment, thus to improve overall body's strength and increase body's awareness.

  • TRX Training

    Created by Navy Seal Randy Hetrick, TRX stands for Total Body Resistance Exercise. TRX training exercises use your body weight, gravity and TRX Suspension Trainers to provide a full-body workout that pushes you to your limits. As a form of resistance training, it trains your body’s strength, balance, core, and agility simultaneously. TRX suspension training has gained global popularity because of its low requirements and results-oriented approach. With only a simple suspension kit, you can get everything from a light to intense workout, depending on your goals.


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