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DEF Boxing, established in 2002, is the premier boxing gym in Hong Kong and home to Hong Kong’s first ever and most decorated professional boxer, Rex “The Wonder Kid” Tso, alongside top boxing prospects Raymond Poon and Ghale Nibesh.


What do you want from training at DEF Boxing?
Want to unwind after a long day at the office?
Want to get into shape?
Want to learn how to defend yourself?
Want to become a champ?

At DEF Boxing, we offer all of the above. Your coach(es) will tailor your workouts to fit your needs and long-term goals, whether you want to relieve stress, improve your conditioning, build strength, lose a few pounds, or have a championship belt around your waist.?

Whether you choose intensive personal training sessions, the foundation or advanced group training, you get top-quality instruction made just for you!

Never trained in martial arts before? Everybody starts somewhere. Our coaches patiently and systematically teach and supervise all students the fundamentals. We recommend either Personal Training or our foundation group training class for beginners. Those who have mastered the basics then can move on to learn advanced techniques in our Advanced class.?

All the while, all students will improve their Definition, Endurance, and Fitness = DEF.



Price Table


    Intensive 1-hour personal training sessions with our professional coaches with tailor-made programs Quickly improve your boxing techniques and fitness level in the ring with your coach, a great way to enjoy the excitement of real boxing. No membership fee To best suit your busy schedule, choose a time slot most convenient for you! Remarks: **10% off for students age under 21** ***Train with friends +$200 per head per session (Maximum 1 on 4 )*** Opening Hours Monday to Friday: 9am to 10pm Saturday and Sunday: 10am to 6pm


    Trainers pay closer attention to the fundamentals to perfect your mastery of correct technique Padwork is essential, do padwork with trainers Intense circuit training using boxing gears such as speed bag, double-end bag and so on. Program designed by Jay Lau, an expert trainer who has produced amateur boxing champions and rising professional boxers.


    Want to take up boxing or Muay Thai? Interested in group training ? Do you want to get a better grasp of the fundamentals before taking the fast-paced, High-Intensity Circuit group classes? For the combo special price, DEF Boxing offers personal training sessions and circuit group sessions all in one package! 4 x Personal Training sessions with Coaches 8 x Circuit group classes Students who opt for this package can get a taste of personal training and to gain knowledge of the most basic skills. That way you won’t have to slow yourself down and can enjoy the full intensity of the Circuit group classes. Learn the base stances and footwork Improve basic boxing/Muay Thai Technique. After 4 classes you’ll be well on your way to enjoying the Circuit group classes. Also existing students who are not beginners can take advantage of this package to prepare themselves for the Advanced Circuit group classes!


    Classes are capped at 8 students per class to ensure quality instruction and supervision Trainers pay closer attention to the fundamentals to perfect your mastery of correct technique Do padwork with trainers Intense circuit Muay Thai training (Punch, kick, elbow) on Thai pads and heavy bag


    To cater to young boxers, DEF Boxing has established a Special Group Class for Students! Open to students age 12 and up (with a valid student ID), including university students, these classes are available every day, 4:30pm to 6pm from Monday to Friday. Just drop by - $150 per session, or get your monthly passes to save more! 90 Minutes per session.


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